To our knowledge all post offices from around the world are opened and operating normally, only exception being made by the delays and presumably reduced personnel.
Currently, our warehouses operate normally and ready to prepare packages within 3-4 days, however, postal facilities may experience delays. Due to extra controls and safety measurements, shipments usually take more time than usual. We kindly beg you to understand current shipping conditions and be patient.
If your package was lost (has not been delivered after 60 days from a dispatch date) or seized you are alligable to ask for a reship or refund. Please contact our customer service with all details (seizure letter, tracking number, order number) and our team will promtly take care of your situation. Our 60 days policy is a temporary measure and it’s explained by Covid-19 outbreaks. We expect to change it back to 30 days as soon Covid-19 restrictions will be cancelled / dropped. Please note, for safety reasons we do not provide cash refunds, the refund can be made only in store credit to your prepaid wallet.


After we confirm the payment usually it takes up to 24-48 hours for us to prepare your package for dispatch. We are shipping Mondays to Fridays and even Saturdays from certain warehouses. Please consider national holidays, which are different from warehouse to warehouse.
We ship items in a way not to bring any excessive attention, privacy is our top priority. You will see the transportation options in the short information of the products. We provide express service for USA only.
The standard shipping and domestic shipping cost $25. If you choose to ship from multiple warehouses the shipping fee will be summed for each warehouse.
If your order does not have the status “delivered to carrier” or “shipped”, YES

HGH / HCG is now manufactured in a way that can resist up to 21 days to normal temperatures otherwise it would not have been possible any sales on it.
Its have is express service  for USA.

Our online store is strictly a retail operation, but we can provide discounts for large purchases. As we have multiple promotions, offers and advantages for our loyal customers, our orders will help you save money on your next purchases: you will earn from 5% to 15% when your total order value reaches a cumulative total of 1 thousand, 2 thousand and 3 thousand respectively. . The more you order, the more Cash you get back. The refund amount will be sent to your e-mail address as a discount coupon.

You can choose to pay with Bitcoin and get a 10% discount automatically.

Each of our warehouses has a specific stock and a shipping success rate that varies according to the destination to be sent. Please contact us, we will help you choose the best warehouse for your location to ensure Fast and 100% Successful Delivery. For example. – We recommend all our EU customers to order with our EU Warehouses for domestic guaranteed delivery with 4-5 days transit time.
You can get a discount for posting a review about your / experience. The better your review, the bigger discount. We call it Loyalty Discount.


Currently we accept Bitcoin (most preferable), Money Gram and Western Union payment methods. You can also add funds to your virtual “prepaid wallet” anytime and pay for your orders from there with instant confirmation. Paying with different payment methods at the same time is not possible. If you want to change your payment method, you will need to reorder and receive new payment details.

Normally, we pick up and confirm transfers within 24-48 hours. However, sometimes it can take longer, due to WU / MG long processing times. Please make sure to also check your SPAM folder, messages can fall there as well.

Please note that Western Union and Money Gram are making huge efforts, being also pressured by governments to stop commerce transactions through their network. Each receiver name is blocked after 2-3 consecutive transfers and many other security flags can be triggered, resulting in big processing delays, flagged senders and receivers and eventually cancellation.

Day by day, WU and MG are getting worse and they have already started to disappear as a valid choice for internet Payment Methods.

We strongly encourage you to try BITCOIN; there is no need to wait for the confirmation since transactions are INSTANT.
BITCOIN is fast, secure, anonymous and transactions fees are only several cents. In addition to that you get automatic 10% discount for using our preferred payment method.

All payment instructions are sent with a confirmation email which you automatically receive when placing your order. Please check: SEE PAYMENT DETAILS there.
Bitcoin is the internet currency which is based on the innovative blockchain system. The system is open source, flawless and secure. However, Bitcoin storage is where security risks can occur if not done properly. Since BTC can be stored only in the digital realm, there are always risks to lose data, get hacked or “being taken hostage” by abuse of the exchange. Another risk is the high volatility of crypto-currencies. That being said, BTC is still the safest option compared to conventional payment methods. You can easily eliminate all risks related to BTC by staying informed with what is the future of money.